FaithThomas Experience

Let’s face it, faith can be hard at times.

I think its safe to say that at some point we have all had a moment in life where we have struggled with our beliefs. Our reasons may be different but we are not alone in the journey. Even scripture tells us to workout our salvation, faith, daily.

A few years back I spoke on something I called the Thomas Experience. Often the Apostle Thomas is referred to as Doubting Thomas because after Jesus had allegedly resurrected Thomas said he would not believe the reports of others until he felt Jesus’ wounds. He wanted his own experience or his own revelation, someone else’s was not good enough!

Sometimes we need our own experience because someone else’s just isn’t suffice and we want to know for ourselves. God is ok with this. If God was not ok with this then the next part of the story makes no sense!

It is said that Jesus then appeared into the room, through the walk mind you and went to Thomas and offered His wounds to be seen and felt by Thomas. No harsh words, no condemnation, just mercy and grace. Jesus met Thomas right where he was and provided the experience to strengthen his faith.

That is what I refer back to as the Thomas Experience, the mercy and grace of God meeting us right where we are and then empowering us.

Wherever you are in your faith know that God is willing to meet you there.

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