I like to express myself in poetry or maybe I think in rhythm, probably both. So I told a girl these 3 words that I honestly didn’t think too much about until she asked what did they mean to me. This is my answer:

You asked me what “I love you” means/ I never got to properly answer you/ a conversation we would come back to/ luckily for me this gave me time/ time to think about the time when I told you/ I love you/ never did I expect a pop quiz/ but here is my over wordy answer/ I love you means/ that I want to drive out of my way/ just to see you for 15minutes/ buy you coffee/ grab 14 grocery bags/ but if you counted/ i got 15/ 15 because you can always count on me for than what you ever ask for/ I love you means/ I will wait 2hrs for you when i think you are waiting for me/ just to find out/ I was waiting for you/ see i will always wait for you so that you don’t have to wait on me/ I love you means/ I planned 2 months to make you my valentine but like a nervous boy I did not ask you until a week before/ to prove I am serious/ I talked to your mother/ not fearless but with the greatest reverence/ I love you means/ we dont even really know each other but I will drive to LA to pick you up/ we will spend the evening/ I will buy you dinner/ a burrito/ because thats what you wanted when you came back/ I love you means/ I didn’t even know you/ but I remember that

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