This week marks the 1yr anniversary of my relationship with @wayoflifebootcamp , a celebration in its own right. The road to a healthier you is not always a favored road, many detour just to find themselves back at again later on. I have been blessed by having amazing people around me and supporting through this process. Whether it is the coaches or what I call my family, they are not letting me back down from the challenges I am facing. Each day presents its own burdens and joys, and so as the saying goes "a burden shared is divided and a joy shared is multiplied." This isn't just a weight loss story. Honestly it never is. Somewhere buried in all what was 430+ lbs of me was me, the person who I was created to be. For years I searched for what I would call my tribe, my community, because being a NorCal transplant into San Diego is not easy. Prior to meeting these people who clearly insane with their obsession with fitness (joke) I was alone, didn't just feel alone, I was alone. There was no sense of belonging or community, no family. It has been over this past year where I can say I found that. I found my family, my tribe.As for results, I initially lost close to 70lbs in my first year with WOL (Way of Life). Gained some back, some from bad food choices and then some from muscle gainZ. Muscle outweighs fat, I am stronger than I have been in a very long time. I am maintaining weight well, not gaining and losing little by little while building muscle.Another great result and a peek behind the curtain you could say is through exercise and physical activity the depression and anxiety I was dealing with has greatly subsided. Yes, I battle with depression and anxiety and a few years ago almost gave up on that battle but to the grace of God I am here kicking ass. From the increase of endorphins to the support of community depression spells has been far from me as well as anxiety. #tobecontinued