The other day I got to hold my niece for the first time ever…she is SO ADORABLE and an exact mixture of her father and mother! It was surreal moment holding this gift from God, to be thinking I am holding the baby of someone whom I call family because we have been friends for 20 years was mind boggling. Just yesterday we were in junior high it seems.This is "awww she is so cute photo" and the memory that has been created for me and now you to live by. But it was not even a few hours later she spit ip on me. There is no photo of that. There is now forever memory placed in my timeline of photos. She spit up, it is what babies do. They also poop, a lot! I wasn't mad at her, upset, or grossed out even. It was expected, she is a baby. The initial response was to make sure she was done so we could clean her up. Wanted her to be clean and not covered in her own mess. Once that was done we got me cleaned up. There was no scolding or hard feelings because once again she is just a baby and it is what babies do.People make mistakes. People are not their mistakes. People's mistakes do not make them who they are, well they shouldn't. If only we could approach adults and young adults with the same grace we do babies. Because someone has been alive 32 years does not mean they may not have areas of their life that are not in an infancy stage or not open for growth. People will make mistakes, spit up if you will. Make a mess. Does that mean we abandon them? Leave them wallowing in their own mess? No.So often we remove ourselves so to not get the mess on us, in my humble opinion – how cowardly of us!We need to stay and help them clean themselves up, clear them of their mess. Return them to their once clean state and continue on in life, allowing the memories of love and laughter cover the former mess. It was my love for Paris (baby) that said "who cares, you're so lovable that I don't care if you spit up on me"